When the Body Man goes missing, FBI Special Agent Eli Payne finds himself thrust into a missing person investigation unlike any other. Saddled with a probationary agent, Eli starts to unravel the truth as forces at the highest level of the government attempt to thwart the investigation. With time running out, Eli discovers the Body Man’s abduction is part of an international plot to ensnare the United States in a disastrous global conflict. The stakes could not be higher.


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Featured Title: The Body Man

In a town that’s obsessed with dark secrets, where the currency of power is information, The White House has kept a huge one for decades. Charged with the task of protecting and defending the Office of the Presidency from threats both outside and in, the keeper of secrets—the Body Man—has been in the shadows since the 1960s.

Featured Author

Steve Stratton

Author of Shadow Tier

A Northern California native with Redwoods in his blood, Steve is now in love with the Rocky Mountains. When not writing or working, Steve splits his time between Colorado and his cabin in the Tarryall mountain range.