Find a terrorist killer or the World Series blows up on television.

A homicide in Detroit usually doesn’t raise many eyebrows, but a victim is found with a business card from a Department of Homeland Security enforcement cell no one’s ever heard of. FBI Special Agent Amber “Corvette” Watson and Detroit Police homicide detective Sgt. Tracey Lexcellent catch the case.

With a disgraced U.S. Army Ranger who can forget nothing and a black-budget CIA team in tow, they must solve the murder before terrorists can parachute into open-air Comerica Park during the opening ceremonies of the World Series to blow themselves up and kill thousands on live television.

People are going to die. Everyone hopes they are the bad guys.


Daniel Charles Ross

Daniel Charles Ross

Retired Navy Chief Petty Officer and head journalist of the Seabees. Dan has also served as an editor for AutoWeek, Popular Mechanics, Motor Trend, and Car and Driver.