Author Showcase

Meet our authors and find out what makes them tick.

J.T. Patten

Author of Shadow Masters RELOADED

Prior to becoming an author, “J.T. Patten” worked for the government intelligence and military special operations community in support of national defense and policy.

K.R. Paul

Author of Pantheon

Kay pulls from her own unique active-duty military background to craft stories that delve into the harsh realities of the military experience. 

Eric P. Bishop

Author of The Body Man

After many years in corporate America, Eric focused his passion for the written word and dreams of crafting a novel into reality. You will find his love for adventure in all of his writings.

Sam Mitani

Author of Red Mist

Former International Editor for Road and Track magazine. Sam loves test driving cars from around the world, and is a Judo enthusiast (recently promoted to a 6th degree black belt)

Daniel Charles Ross

Author of Force No One

Retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer and former chief journalist of the Seabees. Dan has also served as a staff editor for AutoWeek, Popular Mechanics, Motor Trend, and Car and Driver.