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Force No One

Find a terrorist killer or the World Series blows up on television. A homicide in Detroit usually doesn’t raise many eyebrows, but a victim is found with a business card from a Department of Homeland Security enforcement cell no one’s ever heard of. FBI Special Agent Amber “Corvette” Watson and Detroit Police homicide detective Sgt. …

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The Body Man

Who protects the Office of the Presidency? The Body Man. When the Body Man goes missing, FBI Special Agent Eli Payne finds himself thrust into a missing person investigation unlike any other. Saddled with a probationary agent, Eli starts to unravel the truth as forces at the highest level of the government attempt to thwart …

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Ares & Athena

P2—A TENCAP Special Operations Activity Thriller. A US Marine gets pulled into the world of unconventional logistics and Special Operations when he learns he can teleport. He joins the Limitless Logistics team in their mission, a strange blend of combat and logistics. They work to uncover a terror plot on US soil. Available Now


It’s a cross between ‘Mission: Impossible’ and ’The Justice League A casual date turns into a horrific attack that leads US Air Force Captain Valerie Hall to discover she has the power of teleportation. Her military career takes a sudden kinetic turn—she isn’t the only one with Jump skills. Val is drawn into a world …

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Shadow Masters Reloaded

They killed his family to get government contracts. Now the contracts are on them. Readers who enjoy authors such as J.B. Cooper, Jason Kasper, and Tim Tigner, or classic military thriller characters like Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher will tear through pages this updated edition of Safe Havens: Shadow Masters—now Shadow …

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