K.R. Paul

Author and Military Vet

Crafting Stories from her military experience.

KR Paul blends the adrenaline of military thrillers with the gritty, magic laden drama of urban fantasy. It’s part “Justice League” and part “Mission Impossible.”

Kay pulls from her own unique active-duty military background to craft stories that delve into the harsh realities of the military experience. She offsets it with humor, and compelling characters sure to bring you along for the ride.

Kay was born in California but moved to North Carolina as a child. She grew up rock climbing, horseback riding, hiking, and writing fan fiction like a true 90s kid. Her love of adventure (and being an adrenaline junkie) took her into military service where her love of writing continued. She has written non-fiction for business, industry, academia, and leadership education. Through it all, she kept her love of fiction and continued to write it in her free time.

She still works her day job but writes short and novel-length fiction when not being an ultramarathon jock or gaming nerd. When not at work, her hobbies include competitive bodybuilding, video gaming, kayaking, cosplay, skydiving, and playing with lightsabers. If you find her on a stage it’s a toss up whether it’s for the competitive bodybuilding, displaying her latest cosplay, or being a panel member for a leadership seminar.

Her work serves up a blend of action and urban fantasy presented in real-world terms. She draws from her own life experiences to fuel the emotionally charged and fast-paced plots found in the Pantheon series. She continues to keep adventuring across the world and through her day job, which one day she’ll have to quit.

KR's Current and Upcoming Titles