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DETROIT — Force Poseidon, a publisher of military/espionage, crime, and mystery novels, has signed veteran Amazon best-selling thriller author J.T. Patten to a three-book publishing deal.


The three novels in the series—Safe Havens: Shadow Masters; Safe Havens: Primed Charge; and Safe Havens: Presidential Retreat—will be freshly edited, rebranded, and relaunched with the same titles. Patten has refreshed the narratives to plant additional surprises and Easter eggs that will make the series even more exciting as the first book flows into the second and the second into the third.


The first book in the reissue, Safe Havens: Shadow Masters, goes on sale September 30 with pre-orders available soon.


“As a new publisher, Force Poseidon is thrilled to have J.T. Patten on its fast-growing team,” said Daniel Charles Ross, Force Poseidon publisher and editor-in-chief. Ross’s own debut thriller, Force No One, was released last year. “These works sing with authenticity wrung from J.T.’s personal background in the very kinetic topics he writes about.”

“It was fun getting those early Safe Havens books back open and making them even more relevant today than when they came out some years ago,” Patten said. “The Force Poseidon people are former military and they’re writers, too, so we forged an instant connection because they get this stuff.”


Patten is recognized as a marquee brand in thriller novels, with five page- turners currently available. The Force Poseidon agreement is only for the works in the Safe Havens series featuring intel analyst Sean Havens, a reader favorite. Patten continues to produce his popular Task Force Orange series with Kensington. He is repped by John Talbot of The Talbot Fortune Agency.

non sibi sed patriae

not for self but for country

Dan was born in and grew up in and around Detroit, attending the former East Detroit High School (go ☘️ Shamrocks); Wayne State University downtown; and later completing his undergrad at Southern New Hampshire University. He finished half of a two-year MFA in creative writing before his VA education benefits finally winked out.

He has worked as a color timer and processor in an automated photo lab; as a stock chaser in a Chrysler stamping plant; and as a warehouse rat on 100-degree summer days. He spent seven years on active US Army duty, mostly as a long-duration undercover Military Police Investigator, serving five years in Germany in two trips. He later retired from the US Navy Reserve after 24 years as a chief petty officer.

Most of his civilian work life was spent on staff at and for magazines. He was an Associate Editor at AutoWeek; the Detroit Editor at Popular Mechanics; and the National Editor at both Motor Trend and Car and Driver.

A Detroit ex-pat, he lives in Lima, Ohio where he is finishing the second storm cell novel, Force Majeure.

kr paul
Non ducor, ducto

i am not led, i lead

We're thrilled to introduce the latest addition to Team FP, KR Paul, with her debut SF thriller Pantheon coming out fall of 2020.

She was born in California but moved to North Carolina as a child. She grew up rock climbing, horseback riding, and writing fan fiction like lots of 90s kids. Her love of adventure took her into the US Air Force, where her love of writing also soared. She has written non-fiction for business, industry, academia, and leadership education. Through it all, she continued to hone her fiction chops in her free time.

Now, KR still works her flying day job, but writes short and novel-length fiction when not being an absolute jock or absolute nerd. When not at work, her hobbies include competitive bodybuilding, video gaming, kayaking, cosplay, skydiving, and playing with light sabers.

Her work serves up a blend of adrenaline-soaked action and the vivid world of urban fantasy. She draws from her own life experiences to fuel the emotionally charged, fast-paced plots found in the Pantheon series.



mike hancock
Audere est Facere

to do is to dare

Mike Hancock is a former college linebacker, was a commercial fisherman in Dutch Harbor, Alaska—and a big-game hunting guide for seven years in the Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness, the Wind River Range in Wyoming, the Selway Wilderness in Idaho and the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico.

His extraordinary experience in out-door adventure fueled his knowledge and passion for historical adventure writing, resulting in Fallen, his debut novel.

The compelling novel was first published by Black Rose in 2014. Mike has revised and expanded this thrilling historical adventure story for publication by Force Poseidon in 2020.

Mike's fiction has appeared in numerous literary journals. He holds a BA in English Literature and an MFA in Creative Writing. He's from South Padre Island, Texas, where he enjoys saltwater fishing, sailing, off-road treks in his Jeep, and taking the odd jaunt to Mexico, but today is back and forth to mainland China teaching English as a second language to high school kids.

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