Our Story

What drives us and what we are about

Force Poseidon is a traditional publishing house founded in 2018 and dedicated to finding and nurturing talented military oriented authors who, in today’s hyper-competitive market, can’t get the attention of overwhelmed agents or Big Publishers. We especially like the idea of finding new voices that have been rejected by others, and bringing their worthy projects to bookshelves.

We’re proud that our fast-growing roster includes an active duty US Air Force officer; a former US Navy flight surgeon; a former US Navy chief petty officer; a civilian intelligence operator; and a former Green Beret. That said, we appreciate good stories from non-military authors, too, including a former automotive journalist, one former high school teacher, and even “just a guy with a good story.”

Our press was formed specifically to acknowledge such talents. We are nimble because we’re small, and we have the same skills as those big guys but without their crushing overhead. That means we can make faster decisions on acquisitions and accelerate a project’s time to market.

We are very selective and our standards are as high as other publishers (and higher than some). See the Submissions page for information about joining our high-speed team. No agent is required.

Current titles available now in print and digital formats. Click a title to get more information.